Buttock Lift-Augmentation

Plastic Surgery After Massive Weight-Loss

Buttock Augmentation

Buttock augmentation is a cosmetic procedure where the shape of the buttock is enhanced. The procedure not only gives the buttock more volume it improves the overall shape of the area. This procedure reshapes the body’s silhouette as fat is liposuctioned from the flanks, abdomen and various other areas dependent on the patients particular needs and desires. This fat is then processed and used to sculpt the buttock. Through the technique of fat grafting, live fat cells can be transferred from unwanted areas to deficient areas of the buttock.

Good Candidates for Buttock Augmentation

  • You desire a more sculpted and shaped buttock.
  • You are of normal weight.
  • You are in good physical and emotional health.
  • You have firm, elastic skin.
  • You have realistic expectations.
  • You have localized fat unresponsive to diet and exercise.

Your Buttock Augmentation Consultation

During your initial consultation, you will meet with the plastic surgeon and staff. Your previous surgeries, medical history, medications you are presently taking and overall physical and emotional health will be reviewed. Your skin quality will also be evaluated. Photographs will be taken for your medical record. Your surgeon will determine what you benefit from most and whether or not additional procedures will be necessary for you to achieve your desired results. Recovery time, risks and limitations associated with surgery will be also be discussed. The doctor’s patient coordinator will review surgical costs and scheduling with you.

About Buttock Augmentation

  • Buttock augmentation is an outpatient procedure.
  • You will require anesthesia.
  • The procedure begins with liposuction of the predetermined areas where patients have unwanted fat.
  • The fat is then meticulously processed so that only live viable cells and will be injected into the buttock for augmentation.
  • Once fat has been processed it will be used to liposculpture the buttock.
  • At the conclusion of the procedure the patient will be placed in a compression garment as they would if they had liposuction.
  • The process of buttock augmentation is about improving the overall body contour of the mid-section by decreasing the size of the flanks and abdomen while improving the shape of the buttock.
  • Using fat for buttock enhancement gives a more natural appearance then the previously used implants.
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