Genital Aesthetic


Also commonly referred to as vaginal rejuvenation or labiaplasty, is a surgery sought by women who want to tighten their vaginal canal and surrounding tissues for either cosmetic or functional reasons. The procedure can either be performed surgically or by laser and involves the tightening and shortening of the stretched muscle at the back of the vagina, as well as the removal of any excess skin.

The process reduces the volume of the vaginal lining and also tightens the muscles of the vagina which often stretch during natural childbirth. A vaginaplasty procedure is normally performed under general anesthesia and lasts little over an hour, although most patients are required to stay in the hospital overnight for observation. If the healing process proceeds as expected no scarring should be visible outside of the vagina after surgery.

Although minimal swelling is expected after surgery, patients are normally able to walk without discomfort within a few days. It is recommended that patients rest at home for at least a week and avoid sex for the first four to six weeks after surgery. If both the vaginaplasty procedure and the healing process proceeds as expected, no scarring should be visible outside of the vagina.

There are various types of vaginaplasty, including:


Also known as hymenoplasty, the re-virginization procedure constitutes the reattachment of the hymen. A fairly simple procedure, this type of rejuvenation involves the surgeon reconnecting the thin membrane that previously covered the vaginal opening by means of dissolvable stitches.

Laser Perineoplasty: 

Another popular type of vaginaplasty, a laser perineoplasty is aimed at tightening the muscles of the perineum using advanced laser techniques. The perineum is the sensitive area between the anus and the labial opening to the vagina, also known as the vulva. A firm perineum is important for sexual enjoyment and this area is often traumatized during the course of natural childbirth.

Augmentation Labiaplasty: 

A vaginal rejuvenation procedure that is more concerned with appearance than function, augmentation labiaplasty involves harvesting fat from other part of a women’s body and then re-injecting it into the folds of the labia in order to bring about a more youthful appearance.

A lifestyle procedure aimed at the young at heart, a vaginal rejuvenation can radically alter the way you approach your love life. Consult your physician today about a safe vaginaplasty procedure.

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